Did you think 3d printing food is only limited to plastics and other synthetic materials? No, the reality is that food can be used as material to give all sorts of ways, and even elaborate dishes like burgers complete. This is the proposal of the new printer Foodini.

How to make food a printer?

Its operation is simple: you have to put fresh food in capsules that are inserted closed into the printer. It is clear that to be crushable and soft food, no hard things, so it is ideal for pastes, creams, chocolate sweet mass groups, etc. Then just select a recipe and the machine makes it step by step. Finally, of course, you have to cook the food, which does Foodini.

A simple example is that shown on their website as Foodini make ravioli: creates a layer of pasta, a layer of filling over pasta and other … ready. Now just let it do several more, cook and you have lunch. You’ve saved some of the work manually (although you should make your own dough and filling).


Shaping and style to food

One of the main attractions of this type of printer is to create special forms with food that would otherwise be very difficult. For example create special breads or crackers settle, or decorations to dishes.

A different but interesting approach is the one that wants to 3DSystems your ChefJet , a printer that uses the same method as conventional when doing figures (print layer by layer), but would be ready to use sugar and creating sweets of more complex shapes.

Be expected

For now these printers are not on the market, but its arrival is imminent . Of course not do magic, you must cook the meal and preparing ingredients, but already working on that entrance Foodini cook the food while the prints. Will they get a place in the kitchens? When price reduction can all be (Foodini cost about $ 1000).