The photovoltaic (PV) are constituted by a semiconductor material (silicon, which is able to collect high concentrations of electrons). When a photovoltaic cell is exposed to sunlight, the effect of radiation on the cell generates electricity, increasing energy levels of electrons and generating electricity . In the following guide will list the advantages of photovoltaic systems.

The solar panels are able to cover our basic energy at the national level ( solar energy for the home), for business (solar energy for commercial applications) or at the level of the community (supply of electricity to small communities, or at a larger scale through the application of power). The solar panels are photovoltaic systems which use green energy technology renewable solar energy to facilitate the sustainable energy are also an alternative energy source to traditional fossil fuels, therefore use photovoltaic panels will bring health benefits, as it will help to reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.


Companies like Roof Worx LLC provide valuable guarantees for solar photovoltaic panels both in terms of duration and efficiency levels across time, in fact they can last up to 25 years, some even showing a loss of efficiency of only 18% even after 20 years of operation. Unlike wind turbines, photovoltaic panels operate without any generation of noise as it does not include moving mechanical parts, and in some cases may be mounted on a base adjustable rotation about a fixed pole, so that the solar panel gets to follow the sun, allowing a better synchronization.

With regard to operating costs and maintenance costs, solar panels unlike other renewable energy technologies, require low maintenance costs; just run a regular cleaning of the surface of the panel periodically. Keeping small power production efficiency, it is possible to minimize the energy losses caused by the long distance between the energy production and consumption points. Using small solar power plants will significantly reduce the cost of network power and power losses.