Apple introduced several new features in its new conference, talking about iMacs, iPads, and new apps. From all this, one of the most anticipated is the new version of the air iPad 2, a more powerful tablet and lighter than its predecessor. Your name? IPad Air 2.

iPad Air 2: Your new

The Air iPad 2 has a similar to the previous model with the same screen design with 9.7 inch 2048 x 1536 pix resolution. However, it fell to 0.61 cm thickness e l to 437 g weight, yes, it’s fine. Besides, the display is anti-glare, and Apple says it “reflects less than any other tablet.”

Another slight cosmetic change is the inclusion of Touch ID . We talk about the technology to unlock the handset with the fingerprint, which was already in the iPhones. It is safer than unlocking the classic patterns, though not infallible.


Coming to the specifications, the A8x processor is 40% faster than before, and gaming performance 2.5 times better. You could even reach the quality of a console . Apple is more secretive with RAM, of which there are data.

Another improvement comes with internet browsing. The Air iPad 2 supports WI-Fi standard 802.11ac, which is more than twice as fast as the WI-Fi and we all use. Besides LTE connection is 50% faster. Of course, this does not mean that the internet will go faster (depends on your connection), but for streaming video is a good improvement.

Finally the cameras stick a rush. The back is now 8MP with 1080p shooting and shooting. A pity you do not have optical stabilized as the iPhone 6, but not that much use the tablet to take pictures… if you?. The front is 1.2 MP and captures 81% more light. I remind you that you can see all the specifications in the table below.

Models for sale and prices

It is in the classic capacities 16, 32 and 128 GB, Remember that no SD memory, so 16GB you may fall short. Prices are € 489, € 589 and € 689 respectively, for the model with WI-Fi, and 609 € 709 € and 809 € for the LTE model. It may seem expensive, but it is not bad value compared to its rivals 10 inches. For example the Z2 Xperia Tablet costs € 449 (16 GB WI-fi) and 499 € for the Galaxy S Tab 10.5 inches. These three models will have a tough battle.