Apple Announces Pricing of Apple Watch. The new Apple smart watches will go on sale on April 24 in some countries, including not included Spain, from 399 euros. It is sold in three different finishes: Sport Watch Apple, Apple and Apple Watch Watch Edition. The latter, with 18 karat gold, can cost up to 18,000 euros.

apple watch

The American giant has already revealed the price of Apple Watch . The new smart watch Apple will begin its pre-launch phase on April 10, the date on which orders are open, but will not be until April 24 when it hits stores. Initially only be available in the United States, Japan, Germany, France, Australia, Canada, China, Hong Kong and UK. There are no release date in Spain, although we do know that it will be this year. Prices vary between US $ 349 (399 euros in Europe) and $ 10,000 (11,000 euros). The deluxe version Apple Watch Edition can even reach 18,000 euros depending on the materials and design of the belt.

Three models Apple Watch

You can choose between three different models of Apple Watch. On one hand the Apple Watch Sport , made ​​of aluminum, not sapphire colored aluminum with two straps five different colors; second choice is the Apple Watch with steel case, protected with sapphire and straps various materials like leather or metal screen; and finally the model’s premium, the Apple Watch Edition , made ​​with luxury materials such as 18k gold and polished sapphire on the screen. The new smart watches Apple are not compatible with Android, iOS devices only, and to synchronize apps and data you need at least an iPhone 5.

The sphere can be chosen with a size of 38 or 42 mm and comes polished sapphire crystal sphere except the Apple Watch Sport incorporating glass ion-X reforzado-. Apple offers a wide range of accessories to customize and specific belts for men and women will be sold. For example, for Sport Watch straps are 10 models including fluoroscope straps are five more youthful colors. Watch for links straps model of skin, and a belt loop Milanese fluoroscope offer high quality, to a total of 18 versions depending on the choice box. For Deluxe Edition Watch Edition, Apple has designed in gold 18 carat gold or pink with a total of 10 models to choose from.

Features and Functions

All models are protected against splash and managed using the Digital Corona, a rotary knob that serves to zoom and scroll without covering the screen with your finger. It also distinguishes different pressures of the fingers on the screen, activating different options. The new Apple Watch features a new S1 processor equipped with 8 GB of storage for music, videos, and other content.

The charging usually takes two hours and, as revealed Tim Cook, Apple chief will last up to 18 hours . To the functions of a basic watch, Watch Apple adds Smartphone receiving notifications, receiving and executing calls, personal secretary, monitoring our physical and greeting, payments in stores, opening locks at home, hotels or other places authorized activity , multimedia player and use of reinstalled apps and third.