Savvy speakers have been around for two or three ages now. India saw the dispatch of the Amazon Echo lineup a year ago pursued by Google getting its Home line to India April this year. As a classification, keen speakers are still to discover an a dependable balance as a large portion of our encounters with the gadgets have just been restricted to basic errands. While the possibility of a shrewd speaker is energizing, they’re seldom pragmatic.

With the third era of Echo items, Amazon has gone in for a plan overhaul on the entirety of its items. In the event that you were going back and forth about shrewd speakers, the Echo Dot (third gen) is a decent spot to begin. The improved form quality and more intense speaker makes it a greatly improved choice to consider over the prior age Dot. Be that as it may, be set up for a mellow expectation to absorb information with the Echo Dot as Alexa abilities continue advancing and Amazon continues adding new highlights to the AI spine of the Echo line.

With that off the beaten path, we should start our survey.

Assemble and Design: 8/10

The principal thing that one notification with the Echo Dot third gen is the upgrade. This age of Dot is surely much heftier and preferable worked over the one we had found in the initial two ages. This, I expect, is on the grounds that it packs in better speakers. The speakers on the initial two ages of Echo Dot sounded just somewhat superior to cell phone speakers.

The one thing that resembles an unequivocal gesture to Google’s line of brilliant speakers, for example, Home and Home Mini is the utilization of finished material in the structure. The initial two age Dots were all plastic, despite the fact that significantly progressively conservative. Be that as it may, because of the improvement in speaker quality, you wouldn’t see any problems the additional mass on the new Dot. It tips the scales at 300 g and is 43 mm thick.

Amazon Echo Dot (third gen) accompanies a fabric secured speaker segment and has four far-field amplifiers up top.

Amazon Echo Dot (third gen) accompanies a fabric secured speaker segment and has four far-field amplifiers up top.

The structure components that mark an Echo gadget separated from different speakers are as yet present, components, for example, the shining LED light ring and four catches which a decent measure of physicality. This time around, you’ll discover four far-field amplifiers. The base of the Echo Dot has an elastic completion which guarantees that the Dot remains fixed in one spot and isn’t inclined to slipping. On the back, you have a power in port and a sound out. It would’ve been pleasant to have a miniaturized scale USB or a USB Type C port rather than a restrictive port which takes in a 15 W connector.

Highlights: 7/10

The Amazon Echo Dot accompanies basically similar highlights that were found in its before manifestations. Despite everything you get a hockey puck-molded round gadget, however the new, 1.6-inch speaker inside is presently terminating in 360 degrees. The four catches on top incorporate volume up/down, quiet and activity catch and there are four far-field mouthpieces. These amplifiers are intended to get your voice through any sort of clamor or mess, and from more noteworthy range.

There’s help for double band Wi-Fi which should be associated by means of the Alexa application on your cell phone. Setting up the Dot is very direct inasmuch as you have a Wi-Fi hotspot. There’s a choice to interface a devoted speaker to the Echo Dot utilizing the sound out port on the back side. You can likewise interface your Bluetooth speaker to the Dot to stream music on it rather, on account of A2DP support. While there’s no brilliant home center point as it’s present on the Echo Plus, you can design the Dot to control savvy lights gave they’re associated with a good center point. It likewise includes the Alexa calling highlight called Drop-in.

Execution and Usability: 7.5/10

Not a lot has changed on the execution front. The present gen Dot is about the improved plan and upgraded speaker quality. It is absolutely an immense hop from the speaker on the past gen Dot, which wasn’t excessively uproarious and was just barely superior to a cell phone speaker, which isn’t stating much. With the present gen Dot, the sound quality has positively observed an improvement. There’s significantly increasingly bass and music sounds a lot more extravagant. On account of four far-field mouthpieces instead of only one in the past gen Dot, the present gen Dot can decode your voice directions notwithstanding when there is music playing. On account of the adjusted speaker structure, the sound will reflect off surfaces, particularly in the event that you keep the Dot toward the side of a room.

The Alexa Skills have absolutely observed a few overhauls and it’s an on-going undertaking from Amazon. Yet, it’s a significant errand to stay aware of the new abilities and Amazon needs to figure out how to make adapting new aptitudes more easy to understand.

Some principal issues still remain. Boss among them being the manner in which news briefings are perused out. I had explained on this in my Echo Spot audit, and not a lot has changed. Truth be told, there was an ongoing Reuters think about investigating the fate of voice and its suggestion for news which noted, “Regardless of the quick development and solid advancement of voice innovation, news utilization on these gadgets is at present lower than may be normal, with most use concentrating on exceptionally short news briefings. Numerous clients are unconscious of the more extensive scope of alternatives around news.” It’s as yet hard to get news the manner in which you need it. For example, I just can’t ask Alexa to give me just the tech news instructions and sidestep the various types of news. With the instructions, it’s nearly just as you are compelled to tune in to everything that your chose news administration brings to the table. I can’t skip news segments once the instructions begins. Plainly, a ton should be done here.

As far as different highlights, for example, tuning in to music, getting climate updates and following the advancement of your most loved football crew, in addition to other things, the Dot performs well. Actually, it’s extraordinary for fast QnA type sessions as opposed to long, drawn out, relevant discussions. Additionally, for things, for example, shopping or booking a Uber, I understood it was vastly improved and quicker to do it on your cell phone. This is certainly not a subject matter for keen speakers yet. It’s unquestionably not as straightforward as they show it in the different ads either.

One component I do like is the Kindle reconciliation, where the Dot peruses out a book from my last-read position. With Bluetooth support, I can combine the Dot with my headphones and have a book recording background in the event that I am feeling too tired to even think about reading a book on the Kindle. Also, presently with Audible accessible in India, you can utilize Alexa to tune in to your Audible book recordings too.

As of late, the new Fire Stick was reported with help for Alexa also. While it’s extraordinary to utilize it to ask the Fire Stick to play your most loved shows, the voice control isn’t the best on the off chance that you are looking for non-English substance. I would in any case stick to utilizing the remote control to play the show I need to play as opposed to getting baffled in light of the fact that Alexa can’t comprehend the names of certain TV shows or motion pictures.

Because of Echo Dot’s reduced size, there have been some creative manners by which it very well may be utilized. For example, this client who utilizes the Echo Dot combined with a remote hotspot to stream melodies in his vehicle. Or then again these instructors utilizing Alexa in a study hall.

The challenge to the Echo Dot is the Google Home Mini. While there was no examination in the sound nature of the second gen Dot and Home Mini — with the Mini offering the better speaker experience, with the third-gen Dot, things have surely improved for Amazon. Be that as it may, with regards to relevant discourse and longer discussions, Google Home Mini still has a colossal preferred standpoint over the Echo Dot. For example, on the off chance that I ask the Echo, “Hello Alexa, which is the top group in La Liga?” I find the correct solution, however on the off chance that I line up this inquiry with, “Hello Alexa, who is the commander of that group?” Alexa gets confounded as it has not held the setting of the discussion — the top La Liga group and its skipper. This is something that would work perfectly on a Home Mini, for example.

Decision and Price in India

The decision is very basic: If you’ve never purchased a brilliant speaker and are interested regarding what’s on offer, the Amazon Echo Dot is the correct section point in this fragment. At Rs 4,499 it’s not valued too seriously either. Be set up for an expectation to learn and adapt however.

On the off chance that you had an Echo Dot from the prior age, don’t waste time with this. Get an incredible Bluetooth speaker rather and pair the Dot with it for better stable.

In case you’re befuddled between the Echo Dot and Google Home Mini, the purchasing choice will totally rely upon which framework you’re vigorously put resources into. In the event that your utilization case will depend more on pursuit related questions, at that point the Home Mini bodes well than the Dot. For everything else, both are similarly great. The favorable position with Dot is that you can match it with an outer speaker in the event that you so wish, something you can’t do with the Home Mini.


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