It gives the idea that Amazon is considering opening up another supermarket chain. Another report guarantees that this chain will have many areas in real urban communities over the United States. It’s likewise said to be totally isolated from Amazon’s Whole Foods chain and its Amazon Go clerk less comfort stores.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Amazon’s objective with this activity is to build up a superior toehold in the traditional basic need advertise that is to a great extent overwhelmed by organizations, for example, Walmart, Kroger, and Publix. The report specifies that it has effectively marked leases for areas in real urban areas, for example, San Francisco, Seattle, and Chicago. That is likewise where both Amazon Go and Whole Foods areas are available.

Amazon may grow its basic supply impression by securing littler basic supply chains that have twelve or so areas. What’s not clear right presently is whether the stores in this new chain will bear the Amazon name or will they get a different sub-brand.

The organization may sell standard items through these stores that clients are probably not going to discover at Whole Foods. The last remains a natural centered choice that has more expensive rates which don’t make it focused on a similar dimension as a regular basic supply chain. Amazon hasn’t remarked on designs for opening up another chain of supermarkets.

(source: ubergizmo)


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