The product designed according to customer specifications and needs and one that addresses their dreams and brings them to life is perhaps most successful ones. Apple is such a brand that provides the customers what they want and what they desire perhaps that’s the reason they are considered as most wanted and their products win over the heart of consumers with a exceptional gap. One of the most popular brand of Apple is iPhone here we are going to review what makes it so popular.

Cell phone and the need to stay top of work and communications is everyone’s top priority in the modern world. So it is of prime importance that you gadget not only provides all the necessary features but the ease to use them and simplicity with workability is the important factor that makes iPhone the best phone for one to own. iPhone is not only your entertainment pal but also business partner and provides you support in conference calling, caller identification and most importantly continuity. Like if you are listening to your favorite track and a call comes up, iPhone put your music to hold and resumes is at the same point when the calls end.


The sms messages are appeared as conversations like chat bubbles to support the two ways talking at both ends. They also appear in the format of your email to set them in organized pattern under topics. All in all it allows you categorization to keep you work and conversations handy for use whenever needed.The voice mails in iPhone can be played at user’s convenience instead of the usual manner of sequential order. Moreover iPhone allows us to play the messages in graphical manner so that it looks user friendly. Due to usage of Bluetooth wireless standard 2.0 iPhone allows the users to use hands free or cell phone head sets.

The 2.0 Megapixel cameras at back of iPhone allow you to capture your heartiest moment at very fine quality. It also offers iPhoto software handy to edit and share pictures online. At the moment iPhone does not offer video capturing at this time.The assimilation of new music digital system and the huge applications and music albums available at iTunes store allow you to customize you music system per your choices. The attractive storage capacities of four and eight giga bytes allow you to store all you can play. iPhone gives you video playback option and TV out option allows to watch your video playing at best and in landscape format to ensure better visibility.

Apple supports wireless networking and allows you connect to Internet from everywhere while using its well known Safari browser. Moreover, iPhone also supports POP3 and IMAP email format to devise and manage your emails.

iPhone as compared to other phones does not offer a separate battery instead it offers built in battery that offers seven hours of video playback, eight hours of talk time and six hours of web browsing. It has twenty four hours of music play back time and offers two hundred fifty hours of standby time. All in all it is advisable to invest in an iPhone because it can act as business partner as well as entertainment buddy and is a must have gadget in technological world.