During the seventh annual developer conference Google I / O , the technology introduced its new version for Android, which will be released in fall this year and we all know, at least for now, as Android “L”. This announcement was highly anticipated in the world of technology and apparently Google has not disappointed , as their new international version of operating system will integrate very related news wearable teams a simple interface and large security gains.

In the event where developers can not deny the influence of technology in Mountain view , VP for Android, Chrome and Apps, Sundar Pichai, gave some details of this version promises to be much simpler and provide a friendly user experience.


Design: Material Design

The computer designer and current director of user experience of the Android operating system in the company Google, Matias Duarte, interfaces noted that the interface will have a simpler design, more friendly virtual touch buttons, along with the icons and applications have a clearer look.

According to the specialized blog, Engadget , this update is “possibly the biggest redesign that has made ​​Mountain View until today, with permission from step Gingerbread to Ice Cream Sandwich. The interface is flatter and simpler than Android 4.4 KitKat, although the menus presented several levels deep, Engadget explains, there will be “new transitions between menus and objects on the screen.”

Graphically also highlights the ease with touch buttons, icons and applications with a new look and easy adaptation to different screens. With this release, Google managed to introduce a much lighter design that stands out for more stylized elements and more color .


For notifications, Google would facilitate interaction between them and to be presented in a more intelligent way for users. “Vitamin-enriched notifications will also come in the next version of Android,” says Engadget. “Now we can view them directly on the unlock screen and access the various applications.’ll Also have floating ads that we will not cover the entire screen, for example when we’re playing and we enter a call. A step forward rather necessary, even if it is something original “.