Apple usually arrive the last but tries to get better than the others do. The first step to enter the race of the autonomous car was given in December last year they asked DMV, the equivalent to start rolling on the roads of California with its initial version of the autonomous car. They wanted to avoid Umber’s disagreements and confrontations with the authorities.

Apple prepares its car

In the letter to the authorities, they made clear their plans: Apple uses machine learning (a branch of artificial intelligence in which machines learn and improve their performance by analyzing data and patterns) to make their products and services more intelligent more intuitive and more personal. The company is investing heavily in the study of this field and automation. We are very excited about its potential in many areas, including transportation.

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, has for the first time acknowledged in an interview with Bloomberg that they are working on their own standalone model with an emphasis on artificial intelligence. We are focusing on autonomous systems. It is also one of the most complexes we’ve ever faced.

Google was a pioneer in this sector. They give so much importance that they have turned it into an own company within the conglomerate Alphabet. They have an agreement with Fiat Chrysler have begun filming both in around Mountain View Arizona with private users who move free as a pilot. The open litigation with the search engine has forced them to temporarily cancel their service.

Tesla with its autopilot that is updated every now and then is the company that is closer to getting cars to drive, instead of humans, in a generalized way. Apple has called for speeding up the industry by sharing data to minimize errors: Businesses should report cases of potential accidents, or be on the cutting edge. By sharing the data, the industry will have a far more sophisticated set of information than a company working alone will.

The fight for talent in this sector is one of the hottest in Silicon Valley. They are directly defined as stealth transfers. Some of the Google project employees have retired before completing the mission. Their financial compensation is so high that they do not need to continue working the rest of their lives.