For two or three years now, it hasn’t generally been a lot of a mystery that Apple could be dealing with a self-driving vehicle, or if nothing else tech that could help self-driving autos. All the more as of late it was proposed that because of poor iPhone deals, Apple’s financial plan for different undertakings was decreased and that they could be hoping to scrap or scale back its self-driving vehicle program.

Apple had kind of affirmed it by asserting that they were reshuffling their workers, however at this point we know beyond all doubt that cutbacks did without a doubt happen. This is as per a report from the SF Chronicle where the point to a letter sent to the California Employment Development Department affirming that 190 workers in Santa Clara and Sunnyvale who were a piece of oneself driving system had been laid off.

These cutbacks are relied upon to produce results on the sixteenth of April and comprises of architects from an assortment of foundations, for example, program administrators, equipment engineers, programming specialists, and item configuration engineers, just to give some examples. It is misty about what this implies for Apple’s arrangements and if the program had been rejected totally, or on the off chance that it could basically be set aside for later until things are looking better.

Apple has been truly mum about what they are really going after concerning self-driving vehicles, in this way, sadly, these cutbacks imply that the open may never comprehend what Apple could have been up to or what they may have grown up until now.



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