When salts need to travel all in order, times, tickets … There are many applications that help in scheduling a trip, from the best places to eat up the cheapest hotels for an overnight stop, through applications that allow us save on gas. These are the apps for travel that can not miss on your smartphone.


Today mobile phones help us organize our lives, every day there are more applications than we do our daily routine easier. When travel is exactly the same as there are applications for travel we make our vacation more enjoyable. These are the app to travel that can not miss on your smartphone.

Road routes

When you go on the road, you can choose improvisation or bring an application to help you on your journey and plan your routes on the road. In addition to Google Maps , there are other apps that can help you in your travels , which offers different types of routes, urban and road and advises on restaurants, hotels or other establishments looking for. But if what you want is to plan everything down to the smallest detail, you can use Trip It , besides trace routes, can book restaurants or hotels or rent cars among other functions.

The luggage

Luggage is essential when traveling, and if you’re one of those who leave everything to the last minute, your mobile phone can help with applications Packing Pro and Pack point that allow you to make a list of things you should take further , I propose that you should take supplements included in the trunk.

Avoid traffic jams and fines

Whenever you plan salts trip departure time to not catch any traffic. Think of what other drivers will do can help, but why do not you check with your smartphone? Applications like Waze will help you decide on the best time, in addition to selecting the best route. Warns with holdings, accidents or fastest route. If you want to avoid fines Auto velox! allows you to be aware of speed limits in each section.

Parking should not be a problem

When you arrive at your destination, you still have a very important thing, park. Find the nearest place to park your car among the 38 million registered with echolocation. If you’re going to stay a long time at your destination Easy Park control your meter and if you are someone who never remember where they have left their car honk or Find My Car, will help with that problem.

Where do you go to sleep?

Travel without a reserved hotel can be a problem. Applications or Booking Hotels , find an accommodation to rest and continue the trip to save, Hostel world has many lodging at an affordable price.

Recharge eating in the best restaurants

Turning looking for a restaurant in a city you do not know is something unpleasant, for this there are apps for trips that are the closest to the area where you find restaurants and allows a reservation at the time, as Metropolis. For trips abroad The Fork has international coverage as far as local food is concerned.

Tourism, better with a guide

We have parked the car, a full stomach and booked … now it know the city. Not to go with pocket guides, there are applications that will help you collect the most comprehensive tourist information. Get Your Guide are two different alternatives that allow you to buy tickets from museums to join guided tours.

Children, best entertained

Traveling with children can be more difficult for that to entertain while traveling applications Tozzle or Kids Paint can make the journey bearable. If what you need is a bathroom urgently, Bathroom Scout can find the closest to your position.