After the commercial Amazon released some hours ago, and after a couple of statements by UPS and FedEx, all seem to indicate that the near future deliveries borne by flying robots. However, even the technological and social conditions are not ripe all it takes to open our arms to these machines.

The future is already here, my friends. Robots, though not have the kind of artificial intelligence that we promised in the Jetsons, they are a reality that every day more and more crowded parts of our lives. Last Sunday Amazon, a company that needs no presentation, displaying such innovation that has taken them to the top, he presented to the world without any subterfuge on how they see will be the future of deliveries, using flying drones able to leave orders at the door of the home. UPS also is working on its own drones seems that the idea has had quite depth, beyond the media and curious people. And little more than a couple of days after the declaration of intent by Jeff Bezos, UPS has admitted that they are also spending money on research and development in the not too distant future to have his own drones staffing.

The news comes as a surprise to anyone, is that for quite some months rumors are sounding so much like its main competitor UPS FedEx, have been actively working to prepare their own drones, all with the purpose to streamline processes Delivery.


A possible alternative but

Although input, we can make this very difficult to make deliveries using flying robots, and perhaps we can think that the costs may be too high, the reality could be quite different. Considering what they cost the Ar Drone Parrot , Amazon will surely be happy with something more professional for around a thousand dollars .

Not so fast, guys

It seems that the soil is perfectly paved Amazon to run roughshod and mine our skies of their robots, in company with other companies responsible for delivering packages. Nothing is further from reality. The distributors of the world can breathe easy for another couple of years. The first big drawback with the drones who want deliveries will face us, have much to do with legal limitations. And in the current U.S. legislation is undermined by limitations that would prevent this type of technological marvels move freely through the cities. And if Amazon, UPS and FedEx can not boot with the use in the U.S., will hardly see elsewhere.