The vehicle itself looks excellent, however one of the vehicle’s cooler highlights is the way that it accompanies a longboard that is covered up in the back guard of the vehicle. As should be obvious in the photographs, this enables the driver to pick to either drive the vehicle or jump onto the longboard for an all the more earth companion (and also fun) ride.

The objective here is that the vehicle’s route framework is keen enough where it can compute where you are and whether you’d be in an ideal situation heading to your goal, or jumping onto the longboard. It will even disclose to you where you can leave your vehicle to start your longboard venture. The longboard itself is additionally a show-stopper and is produced using aluminum and carbon fiber.

It additionally accompanies a handlebar so you can ride it like a bike if that is your thing. It is electric-controlled so you won’t need to propel yourself the entire time, and it is assessed to keep going 7 miles on a solitary energize and can go to rates of 18 miles for every hour. On the off chance that you are asking why this sounds well-known, it is on the grounds that Ford uncovered something comparable not long ago with the Ford MoDe:Me eBike.

That being stated, this is just an idea and we have no clue when Audi will convey this to the market, or the amount it will cost, however we realize we need one!

(source: ubergizmo)


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