By nicer and technology be your smartphone, there’s a problem: the passing of the hours can wreak havoc on the battery case, especially if you spend playing games or watching videos. It’s amazing how the batteries improved somewhat in recent years compared to other components, such as cameras and displays, but so are. Should I resign? No, and besides some good practices, these enclosures with extra battery can save you.

They are more expensive than conventional models, but can even double the autonomy of mobile, leaving you much quieter. Also for obvious reasons are bigger, but it’s the price to pay for the integrated battery. In the gallery leave some models for the most popular phones, but if yours is not listed you can ask us.


Under his line of cases “Power Jacket” has paa battery covers all types of phones, from the classic Sony and Samsung with Android to Blackberry, even for lower end models that we show in the list. They are also generally in economic prices between € 30 – 40 €. You can pay by card or Paypal and make shipments to Europe between 7 and 20 days (according to the web).

Known for selling batteries, so do with cases that increase the autonomy of the mobile, for many models. you can see everything they offer on their website: Despite being in Hong Kong accept all means of payment and make shipping all over the world. Too bad that their cases are not the cheapest.

Under his line of cases “Juice Pack” are battery cases for iPhone with many models of Samsung and HTC. They are of very good quality, although Adelaida sober and suffer from a very high price, have models that are around $ 100.

This mobile accessory shop has its line of battery housings Power Glider calls for models of Samsung, Nexus, and HTC. Prices are hovering around $ 60.