Most cars are equipped with features that we now take for granted; however, things like self-parking or satellite management were only radical theories or effects of science fiction films in recent years. Today they are a reality.These changes lead us to ask what items will be available for future generations. Maybe if there were deportation, the car is no longer a need to mobilize option. Who knows? For now, the same companies that currently manufacture automotive technology current market models, have “concept cars” with contemporary ideas, although they may seem crazy, are discussed openly and officially by the manufacturers. We will explore its proposals:


The only air powered cars are the ultimate novelty market works today. Not only because they mean a saving on fuel, but because it represents an alternative to oil shortages, and a solution to the high levels of pollution produced by current cars. You can say that Cadillac is going further, as it offered the concept “Aera” (Aero + Era), a car that has a theoretical range of a thousand kilometers of air travel before resting. The company estimates that it could be circulating in 2030.


The future of vehicle technology suggests cars with several electrical motors , including one in each wheel. Concept models like the Jaguar C-X75 include this technology, but the Nissan IV goes further to include fibers composed of ivy and spider silk for the body of the car, plus magnetic drive motors. They would rotate on its axis without wires. This technology has already been tested and demonstrated in public by the Delft University of Technology a few months ago.


The world is full of strange bedfellows but that somehow seem to work. Toyota seems to blindly believe in this idea to put your name on the new “Nori”, which gives its name to a seaweed used to in Japan. These plants are used in a forged carbon fiber and integrated solar panels body. This body would be lighter but quite sturdy, and with the addition of solar panels would generate additional energy.