The iPhone 6 is premium phones, mainly for its price, and therefore should protect them. There are some good tips for caring mobile, but if you want a quick fix, the best are the cases and covers. With a housing, protecting it from drops, dust and even scratches on the screen. There is a good selection available, perfect for the tastes of each user. Are those of well-known brands as Spigen, although there are also some other surprises. Let’s begin!

1- Apple Leather

Apple has a number of official cases, including silicone. But the one I like is the skin, which blends well with the design of the iPhone 6. It’s simple, but if you need a very strong shock protection is good. Too bad its hefty price of 45 euros.

2- Apple Silicone:

Need a simple case? The Apple Silicone is a good choice. Within all protects most of the housing to not suffer scratches, and always absorbs some shock. Its price, somewhat high for a single case, is 35 euros.


3- Spigen Aluminum:

This aluminum case mixed with plastic keeps the sleek look of the iPhone 6 and is quite thin. Furthermore, as the case stands out a little from the screen, protects against a possible fall. It costs $ 30 on the official website.

4- Spigen Tough Armor:

Such cases are the toughest, as they can hold up to strong falls. Of course, the downside is that enlarged mobile. In this case the Spigen Tough Armor is not as bulky and provides good protection polycarbonate (good quality hard plastic) outside and TPU (soft plastic) inside. It is more resistant than conventional covers. Available for $ 35.

5- Incipio Feather:

The classic case Incipio has a hard plastic exterior and an interior EVA foam that protects it from shocks. Gives a good basic protection which costs $ 25 and is available in many colors.

6- Cases Stylish Redbubble:

Redbubble has a whole set of cases with different artistic designs (really have many designs to suit all tastes) that can be purchased for between 20 and 30 dollars. From the website say that they ship all over the world and received between 5 and 15 days.

7- Walnut Bumper:

If you want an original design for your iPhone 6, this case may be ideal. It is made of wood and gives a natural feel in contrast to the original aluminum iPhone. All this with good finishes. Even in the same store have other wood accessories such as a dock. Not the cheapest, priced at $ 59.