While many prefer not to part with his trusty desktop when playing, the reality is that we can take your entertainment center has its advantages. you reunited with friends, play during travel or anywhere. Of course, this has its price and advanced best laptop are usually very expensive. What makes it harder is that there are so many models that the buyer is lost, and above the best deals are not always visible.

So from Tecnonauta seek the most recommended laptop to play with different prices, up to 100 € for not having to spend a bundle. As a detail, I recommend you read this note which explained the main points of a portable gamer. Quickly: good screen, powerful graphics and sufficient cooling. Without further move on to the models!


Inspiron 17r Special Edition

(Core i7 3.40GHz – 8GB RAM – Gforce GT650M – 17 inches – € 849)
Probably the best 17 ​​inch laptop gamer quality / price ratio. It has the power needed to run new games on this 2013 (Bioshock Infinite / Tomb Raider) in medium or high quality and good build quality as usual Dell. The weakness may be the only 6-cell battery, so may not get to play 3 hours straight without resorting to plug. If you will not move this laptop everywhere perfectly replace a desktop computer, and cheaply.

Lenovo IdeaPad Y500

Core i7 3.40 Ghz – 8GB RAM – Gforce GT650M – puladas 15 – € 900)
This Lenovo laptop is a real gamer, with several details such as Dell does not have above: backlit keyboard , 16GB SSD faster return to the team and second bay to add another graphic , so you can upgrade your computer to future (at least when they start to sell these laptops Graph). I add that has good quality brushed aluminum manufacturing in both the workspace and the lid. However I recommend try before you buy, as some users were not satisfied with the touchpad.

Lenovo Ideapad Z500

Core i7 2.2 Ghz – 8GB RAM – Gforce GT 740M – 15 inches – € 760)
This Lenovo notebook has two main attractions: first that it is very light and thin, with only 2.2 KG weight and only 25 mm thick. The other attraction is a metered fare of only € 760, that despite sacrificing some power is still enough for the latest games. The only thing is that it is not solid So like others in this list, and being so small overheats easily, but hey, is ideal if you are constantly going back and forth.