Imagine that you can have a mobile with the best of the best, a good price, without having to pull imports and a reliable guarantee. Tempting no?? That’s the formula that seeks to bring bq aquaris his new flagship, the Aquaris E5.

Cutting Edge Technology

The substitute Aquaris 5 last year did not skimp on technology: we face an Android mobile 5 Inch Full HD, Processor with 8 cores and 13 MP camera that does not clash. Yes, plenty of power for the latest games and applications with a screen other sharp. With this is on par with other giants like the Galaxy S5, which has little to envy.

Its design is not bad, despite sitting too “classic”. Admittedly, it is difficult to innovate in this area, but it could have worked a little more. The weight of 134 g and 8.65 mm thickness are good data. Being economical means that the chassis is entirely plastic. If you are always looking for premium quality iPhone 5S and One M8.


What remains unknown is like the performance of your battery (2,500 mAh hopefully not too much) and quality of the camera. It’s 13 MP, but we know that the MP are not everything and actually see where your worth is in low light situations, there will be time to test it. The negative is that it is not 4G , a shame knowing that these fast networks are not the future but the present.

Competitive price

Where it really seeks to differentiate this Aquaris 5 is in the price: it costs only 250 €, which compared with almost 600 € for other similar popular mobile makes it a bargain. A clear example of this type of phones is the OnePlus One we discussed recently, a Chinese mobile phone with similar features (and screen 5.5 inches) to 269 €. The main advantage of Bq is being Spanish and good reputation which has its support, while with OnePlus is a mystery.

Versions for everyone

It seems to me the best deals on mobile today with the Nexus One and OnePlus 5 Although this does not end here and accompanied him to Bq. other interesting models , namely:

– A display version 720 processor py 4 cores to 179 €.
– A 6-inch version called Aquaris E6 for 299 €.

Then have other more discrete models with screen 4.5 inch and 4 (lower resolution, 4-core processors and 8 MP camera) for € 149.90 and € 129.90 respectively. All with the same aesthetic, leaving 5 models in family Aquaris E.

We expect details of its release date, but will be very soon. Do you think it will be a place among so much competition? them I see a lot of potential .