Business Accounting:

  • Accounting Software for all size business- accounting software for small business, business management and integrated accounting software solutions.
  • Financial Management Software for greater efficiency and management of financial operations throughout the entire business.
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software- providing accounting-financial module at its core plus fully integrated end-to-end business management modules.

Business Financial Accounting & ERP Software

Every business has a different set of accounting and business management requirements based on size, complexity, industry, multi-national and other key areas. At the core of any good business management is a solid Accounting Software or Financial Management package. For larger organization ERP Software solutions will be required. Giving your business access to critical financial related information, helping to better manage your business and ensure your company remains compliant.

ERP software

Business Financial-Accounting Software

Providing support for key areas including: Accounts receivable and debt collection, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Billing and Invoicing, Purchase Orders, Sales Orders and Reporting functions. Accounting software packages are designed businesses that only require standard accounting and compliance functions. Accounting software can range greatly in relation to the function available, so it’s important to understand what your business requires.

Financial management software solutions build upon core Accounting functions and allow organizations to more effectively and accurately control and manage financial operations throughout the entire business – including across multiple companies, subsidiaries, divisions, countries, and sites. Providing; General Accounting Procedures, Global Financial Processes, Forecasting, Project Accounting, Advanced Billing, Budget Management, Cash Flow Tracking and in-depth reporting functionality.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software

ERP Software with accounting-financial management at its core, enables you to integrate the information from all key business functions. ERP Software comes complete with every module and function including: financial management accounting, human resources, inventory management, manufacturing process, distribution, operations management, supply chain management, sales force management, point of sales, customer relationship management and many more key business areas. Each of the key areas is generally covered by a separate ERP solution module, providing users with the ability to implement the solution only in those operational areas that apply to their business model.