We see the news of a car that adds several features ideal for fans of technology. We anticipate at CES 2013. With an eye at CES 2013 genuine candidates are emerging to steal all eyes. One is the Visteon e-Bee: an electric car that seems to come from The car of the future.


What’s new in?

– The front panel of the car has 3 screens . The main data center displays navigation information speed, fuel, etc.. The two small touch screens on the sides have general driver information, such as climate control, social network data and important notifications.
– The rear-projected video in real time from a rear camera, allowing a 180 degree view. Ideal for parking, in addition to being able to use with augmented reality.
– The car can detect the driver and passengers using NFC technology. Each occupant comfort can set preferences (such as temperature of the area where you feel, etc) and save profiles in the cloud.
– individual audio zones for each passenger (ideal for privacy).
– Wireless Charger built for new gadgets that are coming.
– All car software can be updated over the internet , so it will improve with time.

For now we have to wait

Does it look tempting no? Too bad that is not yet on the market , but the CES 2013 show it in all its glory, unto other interesting proposals for electric cars. Until then!