A pilot project conducted jointly by Bosch, Daimler and car2go wants to develop a new automatic parking system . The action park, as we know it, would suffer a revolution. The driver would not have to spend time searching for free space and maneuver the car and then pick it up. The same vehicle would be commissioned to lead independently to find a free spot and return to the driver. Lest talk about the smartphone.

The automatic parking system will be possible thanks to an intelligent infrastructure self parking , an electronic control unit Bosch vehicle, the new generation of sensors aboard Mercedes-Benz and experience in the service “car shared “company car2go. All these factors will in future automated maneuver in parking lots equipped with these technologies.

“Together with our Bosch partner and our mobility service I car2go we are developing and testing a web-based infrastructure service solution” valet parking “fully automated For us, this is another step in our journey towards autonomous driving.; or in this case, towards self parking! “explained Thomas Weber, head of group research and development at Mercedes-Benz Cars.

Meanwhile, Dirk Hoheisel, member of the board of Bosch, wanted to point out that: “The fully automated parking will be ready for series production before driving fully automatize.Las low driving speeds and the information from the parking infrastructure will enable a quick implementation. ”

Bosch will be responsible for developing the automatic parking system with occupancy sensors of parking spaces, cameras and communication systems. Daimler, meanwhile, will take care of the sensors and software. Both define the interface with the necessary components of the vehicle. Finally all this technology will be implemented in the model car2go car-sharing.

The proposed system Bosch, Daimler car2go for self parking is easy. Through a smartphone reserves a vehicle through the car2go platform when the user is ready in a specific area of ​​collection, the car will drive up there and independently collected. To return the car, just get off at the designated parking area and return the car with your smartphone. The intelligent parking system is responsible for registering, start the process and direct the car to the allocated space.