The hosting market is really competitive these days. A lot of seasoned and new service providers are competing for your business, which is why it is much easier to find a good WordPress hosting service that doesn’t break your budget. If you really want to find a cheap yet reliable WordPress hosting service, however, here are a few simple tips you can follow.

1. Know Your Needs

The best way to avoid paying too much for hosting services is by actually knowing what you need for your site. This way, you can avoid paying for services you don’t – or rarely – use and still get the best, most reliable WordPress hosting at a great price.

For example, you don’t need to pay for unlimited hosting if you only want to start one personal blog. Unlimited hosting may seem lucrative at first, but you will end up paying up to £7 more per month for the extra hosting space and features you don’t really need.


In this case, going for an affordable shared hosting plan with around 1 GB of storage space and enough bandwidth to handle the traffic you anticipate is the much better option. You will pay as little as £1 per month – instead of around £5 to £7 for unlimited hosting – and can still get you site up and running in minutes.

2. Know Your Budget

Another good approach to take is to start with a budget in mind. Figure out how much you can actually afford to spend on web hosting each month – or each year – and base your search on that budget. Instead of comparing web hosting services to find the most affordable one to buy, you can now focus your search on finding the best hosting service your money can buy.
There is a real benefit to know your budget early in the search. You can quickly eliminate hosting services that cost more than you can afford, which in turn means you can avoid being lured by features you don’t really need.

“I might need unlimited databases in the future,” is all it takes for a site owner, especially one who is just getting started, to pay for features he or she doesn’t really need; you might even be saying that to yourself now. Now that you have a budget in mind, you can have those features only when the service package is well within what you can afford.

3. Freebies & Discounts to the Rescue

As I said earlier, hosting companies are (quite literally) competing fiercely for your business. This means you will start seeing more special offers, deals, bonuses and freebies as you compare more service packages from different providers. To keep WordPress hosting affordable, be sure to take these offers into considerations.

Before comparing prices, find the best coupon codes available for the hosting services you are looking into and figure out the actual, discounted cost of using the services. Take free advertising credits, bonus tools and other resources into considerations too.

A hosting service that costs £30 per year may seem expensive compared to one that costs £1 per month, but if you get £250 words of advertising credit as part of the package, the deal may not be so bad at all. Taking bonuses and special offers into considerations means you can make a better purchase decision in general.

4. Reputation and Reliability

Although the goal is to find an affordable hosting service to use, you should never skimp on server performance and reliability. Take all the time you need to read reviews, find testimonials and even test the hosting service directly to find out more about the quality of service you can expect from it.

Free trials and money-back guarantees can really help you compare web hosting services and test their performance under different situations before making any commitment to a particular one that suits you best. Get your WordPress site up and running, use various tools – such as Pingdom – to perform tests and decide whether you are getting the best, most reliable hosting service you can buy.

The company behind a hosting service is just as important. A tech company may be behind several hosting brands; it is important to know the reputation of your service provider to see if they offer good service, reliable customer support and a generally positive experience. Trying to save on WordPress hosting doesn’t mean settling for a mediocre – or even bad – service from a company with bad reputation.

Working with a reputable hosting company could also mean cheaper WordPress hosting altogether. You can, for instance, opt for a longer contract to get extra discounts. Unless you are dealing with a reliable service provider, with proper guarantees and a clear Service Level Agreement, signing up for a full 2-year contract is definitely not something you should do.