Do you use your smartphone to check your social networks, or you’re a power user? For both there are definite plans to bring you the best selected. In a previous text we present how to choose a phone plan. Now, if you have already thought of the service right for you? Probably still in doubt, you are perfectly normal today because there are many options to choose from so we will see what the basic services offered by cell phone companies are.


The most basic thing that exists in terms of cell phone is prepaid and may or may not have many advantages depending on how you use it to your Smartphone. You can do refills from $ 10 or $ 20 pesos according to the company but they really only serve to get you out of an emergency. Above $ 150 or $ 200 pesos you already have more benefits and, although not permanent, there is always some interesting offer such as:

* Telcel
Package 200: Recharge $ 200 pesos activate an SMS package and get 200 minutes, 200 SMS, 200 MB for navigation, plus unlimited internet to use Twitter and Facebook at no cost; all for 30 business days.

* Movistar
Prepay double portability: Recharge $ 200 pesos and get $ 200 gift, 200 messages, 200 MB, unlimited minutes and unlimited megabytes community to Facebook , Twitter, WhatsApp and mail for 30 business days.

* Iusacell
Vivapack: Recharge 150 pesos and get $ 200, 20 SMS and 300MB to surf the internet for 30 business days.

* Nextel
Nextel prepaid: Recharge $ 200 pesos and get unlimited browsing for Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp , e-plus minutes and Radio nextel nextel to nextel unlimited also, additionally you get 200MB for internet use. The duration of this promotion is for 15 working days, refills $ 500 pesos last 30 trading days.

As I had mentioned, the prepayment can be very useful if you are not power users of our Smartphone. If we spend most of our time on social networks and in our office we have access to Wi-Fi, do not really need more, $ 200 average weights have enough to be on social networks and the additional megabytes can visit web pages or view a another video online.

However, if what you want is a monthly rental rate plan because they feel more comfortable with that kind of service, these are the most basic options you can find in the market.