Select requires an analysis of your habits and we bet you know little to the plan. These questions and details help you decide better. Sometimes we do not realize the actual use we give to our Smartphone. When new we spent 23 of our 24 hours a day passes but once the excitement is when we will really need to use that. The same applies to the monthly rental plans. Sometimes we think we need a lot when in reality it is not so. Choosing a cell phone, you need to be very aware of what we do with our mobile daily. But it is also vital to be very honest with ourselves.

In many cases, individuals purchase a rate plan for Internet access and not by the minute. It is true that we suddenly make occasional calls to friends and family, but if you use more apps like Facebook Messenger, Twitter or Whatsapp to communicate, probably not even need to hire a plan.


Companies like Telcel and Movistar prepaid offer attractive promotions that allow for side spend less on a plan and secondly, you can surf free with the most popular applications as are Twitter and Facebook .

Unfortunately in Mexico the minutes are distributed ways somewhat misleading, for example 120 minutes per month that gives you a company, 60 numbers are for the same company and the other 60 for calls to any other provider.

On average, a regular user spent just under 3GB a month on your Smartphone. In fact, if getting to the home or office we turned off data usage on your phone to use the Wi-Fi would save a little more.

It is important to identify which applications are most used, which require internet access and which are not. Additionally, you need to configure some are limited to use the Wi-Fi only.

There are apps with which we can upload taken with the camera phone images automatically to our area of cloud storage , but this did consume data. If configured to do so exclusively via Wi-Fi, we save enough money on data.