If you want to create a new website, by far the path of least resistance these days is to use WordPress to do it. WordPress is the most commonly used platform on the web for building blogs and other websites, it’s free to use (unless you want premium features, which most beginners and non-professionals can easily get by without), and can even host your site if you aren’t interested in owning your own domain and having your own hosting (though this is only recommended for casual, personal websites).

Getting started with WordPress is easy, and you can actually have a live, functioning website in a matter of minutes. However, how that website looks is very much down to you, and the theme you choose.


Just What is a Theme, Exactly?

Themes are developed by third parties and made available for WordPress users either for free or for a subscription. Many of the better free themes also have paid versions that give you more customization options. The theme will essentially determine how you site looks, and while you can customize them all to some degree, it is best to choose one you like the look of to begin with, and which suits the type of site you want to make, rather than trying to ‘fight’ against a theme to turn it into what you want!

The Importance of Theme Structure

Themes are not just collections of fonts, colors and other WordPress design elements that simply make a blog look different. There are different structures and layouts in themes that are better suited to different kinds of sites. As an example, a business site may want a front page that is just an image and slogan before going into the content of their site, but this would be annoying on a magazine style site. A simple blog that is largely text would look weird using a theme designed for image heavy sites like photo portfolios. The theme you choose needs to really match the kind of site you intend to make or it will look and feel strange for users.

Content Volume and Themes

Another factor to consider in choosing a theme is just how much content you expect to have. News style sites with lots of posts in lots of categories look best with ‘busy’ front pages that can highlight the newest posts and show users what kind of stuff is fresh in each section, whereas a company blog that updates every two weeks would look overly hectic and busy displayed like this. Think about whether the theme you choose will be full of new, lively content, showing its headlines, or whether it is better for readers to see a large portion of a whole recent article as soon as they come to your site.

Themes are only apart of good WordPress site creation, so remember that if you want a truly professional site, it can also be worth talking to a WordPress specialist like http://www.wordpressdesignservices.com/ to get the best possible layout and look for you.