For a very long time ever, PCs and consoles have accompanied media keys on them. These keys give easy routes to clients to control their media, for example, stopping/playing a tune, avoiding a track, etc. Anyway the main drawback is that generally, they just worked with applications and not sites.

This implies in case you’re viewing a YouTube video, you should go to the video to stop it as opposed to utilizing the media key. Anyway fortunately Google has as of late refreshed its Chrome program where it will currently bolster your PC’s media keys. This implies while you watch recordings on the web, you will probably control its playback utilizing those media keys in the event that you decide to.

This will work regardless of whether the program is out of sight, as in the event that you have a YouTube music playlist that is playing, you can utilize the media keys to control its playback without conveying the program to the frontal area. Anyway a drawback as confirmed by Engadget is that in the event that you do keep other media applications open, as VLC, iTunes, etc, it could meddle with the controls so do remember that on the off chance that you plan on exploiting the component.

(source: ubergizmo)


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