The manufacturer Chrysler says it has eliminated the vulnerability in their software that allowed these vehicles were hacked and controlled remotely, as two hackers have shown recently.

Before the news that their cars can be hacked remotely controlled remotely, the automotive group Fiat Chrysler (FCA) has taken steps quickly and ensured that has already eliminated the vulnerability in the software of some of its vehicles. This security hole allowed two hackers demonstrate how cars can be hacked brand.


Recently, Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek revealed that they had been able to remotely control some functions of a 2014 Jeep Cherokee, and even shut down the engine, raising concerns about the safety of the vehicles of the brand. The story of the hack was published yesterday by the American technology magazine Wired , explaining how the two pirates controlled functions such as air conditioning, radio or the wiper through the vehicle infotainment system.

FCA said that Miller and Valasek have been working on the hack of the Jeep Cherokee from a year ago and have been transmitted to the car company “some aspects of their work.” “So FCA know, there has not been a single incident in the real world of illegal or unauthorized in any vehicle FCA remote hack,” said the company in a blog post the company signed by Gualberto Ranieri, FCA Vice President of Communications.

FCA added that the vulnerability exploited by Miller and Valasek affects some car models 2013 and 2014 system equipped with 8.4-inch touch screen. The software update removes the vulnerability and can be directly installed by the owners of the vehicles through a USB memory. The manufacturer has indicated that the updated software can also be installed for free at your dealerships.

Vehicles affected by this hack are: Ram 1500 Pickup 2013-2014 Ram 3500 Chassis Cab 2013-2014 Ram 2500 Pickup 2013-2014 Ram 4500/5500 Chassis Cab 2013-2014 Ram 3500 Pickup 2013-2014 Grand Cherokee 2014 Durango 2014 Viper 2013-2014 Cherokee and some Chrysler 200 2014 2015.