An internal study analyzes the possibilities for growth in the market is already saturated, and emphasizes how consumers choose more for the size of the display. What to do when consumers want what we do not have?. The question, unforeseen and unpredictable, coming from Apple phone in an internal document investigates the possibilities for growth in the saturated market of smartphones. The conclusions are twofold: to point to devices under $ 300 and move on phones over four inches. The first to put aside, there seems to be in line with the elitist philosophy of the company, but the second is tasty. In fact, confirms the rumors these days about the appearance of the iPhone with a dual capacity: 4.7 to 5.5 inches.


It’s time for phablet

It must be said that the document dates back to 2012 and a year at a technological level equivalent to an era. Meanwhile the Apple strategy may have changed since the phablet are now a reality and that prices have dropped a lot. Or Apple could also well miss the train that would guarantee growth. The third hypothesis, the most reliable, consider this document as still valid, with the company Jobs increasingly projected towards the phablet to counter those “competitors that have dramatically improved the hardware and in some cases even their ecosystems.” The reference is obviously all coupled Android-Samsung and their Galaxy S and notes but to have a confirmation of the new battleground will have to wait at least five months. And we are sure they will be longer than usual.