In the crazy world of television and computer monitors you never know how long it will take to implement new technology into the mainstream and then you never know how long it will stick around. Take flat screen technology for instance. You might be surprised to learn that the first flat screen type TV was developed all the way back in 1964 but the technology did not go mainstream until 1998; that is almost 34 years that it took to develop it and have it catch on. Now you very seldom see a TV that does not include a similar technology but that is starting to change too with the advent of curved screen technology for TV’s and computer monitors.

Curved Screen Displays

Why Curved Screens?

Many people do not realise that curved screen theory has been practiced by movie theatres for several years now without you even knowing it. It was done to eliminate what was called the “pincushion effect”; the light has to travel further to reach the edges of the screen so the curvature compensates for that a little and gives a better picture to those closer to the screen.

The theory is not applied quite the same way when it comes to TV’s and computer screens. It is thought the curved screen gives you a more immersive experience. The curve screen does this by actually giving you a wider field of view to take in all the display is showing you.

What Goes into the Technology?

There is a whole range of technical products that make curved screen displays possible. There are the sophisticated electronics and printed circuit boards that light up the screens and the sophisticated plastics that the screens are made of. Companies such as Instrument Plastics are always trying to develop new ways to make the technology better and then put it into the devices you use in everyday life.

Is Curved Technology a Fad or Here to Stay?

This is the burning question among both consumers and manufacturers alike. The curved screen technology is already being put into production in TV’s and computer monitors but yet nobody can definitively say why it’s so much better than the flat screen technology that already exists? It’s the subject of much debate.

Yes, it makes for a more immersive viewing experience but only if you are sitting at the right angle of viewing. It is also a technology that greatly reduces glare because of its shape and that is huge for a lot of people, especially if you’re a sports fan who has people over to watch the game with you all the time. Ultimately it will not be a scientific mind that makes the production decisions but the almighty pound; if these devices just sit on the store shelves and don’t make money then they won’t be around long.

Nonetheless it is really cool technology for you to experience for yourself. The next time you go by an electronics store, stop in and ask them to demonstrate to you how their curved screen technology works.