Data Storage Solutions:

  • Data Storage and Backup Solutions- comprehensive disk and tape backup, storage and recovery solutions- tape storage, remote backup, disk arrays, data replication, multi-site clustering, storage virtualization..
  • Data backup and recovery solutions ensure not only a successful back or required data but a test and reliable data recovery solution to ensure minimum downtime.
  • Network Storage Solutions or NAS Storage devices provide a cost effective, easy to use storage solution.
  • Storage Area Networks or SAN Storage solutions provides resource sharing cost benefits, large scale storage requirements and flexibility.
  • Online Data Storage and Backup Solutions provide secure offsite data back and storage services, providing that extra layer of security.

Data Storage Solutions

Data Storage-Protection- Availability- Recovery

One of the biggest challenges faced by any size business is the continual need for additional storage, which on average increased nearly 50% each year. The most common solution to growing data needs is to connect additional internal hard disks- though industry trends are now clearly moving away from this traditional approach. More efficient and cost effective storage solutions such as External Disk Arrays, Network Attached Storage (NAS), Storage Area Networks (SAN) and Storage Virtualization solutions are now being used by small, large and enterprise businesses.

External Disk Arrays – can be tailored to your requirements, therefore making them a flexible, scalable and secure solution; offering high capacity storage and fast performance, multiple raid options and available in rack-mount or tower.

Network Attached Storage NAS – offer an affordable, easy to deploy high performance network attached storage solution. Simple to use and manage, highly scalable, no need to bring your servers or LAN down and competitively priced. NAS storage can include advanced data availability features like point-in-time snapshot backups, RAID data protection and fault-tolerant hardware.

Storage Area Network SAN – SAN products and solutions are designed to meet a range of storage networking needs from small and midsized businesses to the largest corporate enterprises. Resource sharing is a primary benefit of SAN-based storage architecture. Storage Area Networks enable disk storage to be used as pooled and shared resource, as well as providing the base infrastructure to optimise other applications such as tape backup, clustering and disaster recovery. Key advantages include; support for enterprise clustering, improved system uptime and cost savings from flexibility.

Email Archiving Solutions– With business-critical data residing in email, the need to archive email has never been greater. The right archiving solution can help your company to easily meet email storage management challenges, while reducing risk and providing regulatory compliance, legal discovery and end-user productivity benefits

Online Data Backup– (often referred to as Offsite Data Backup) is designed for securing data automatically for retrieval and compliance purposes, providing an automated secure offsite backup solution for your business data. The data is compressed and encrypted for security before being transferred over the internet to secure offsite servers. Some online backup systems employ continuous online data protection (CDP) technology, which ensures your data is backed the moment it is created or changes.

Online Data Storage– is simply that, extra space to store your data and as long as you have Internet access you can gain access to your files. Online data storage generally do not offer an automated process for uploading or syncing files between your computer/server and their service.

Business Continuity- Disaster Recovery Planning– comes in many shapes and sizes; it all depends on your business requirements. Disaster Recovery Planning aims to minimise disasters and disruptions to your business. Careful planning of steps to be taken in the event of either human or natural disaster can save your business from unnecessary downtime.

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