As Internet is getting popular among people, most of the companies are shifting from brick to click model. While shifting from brick to click model the first thing you need to do is to have a website that supports your business online. If you are looking to launch your website you have different options available as per your needs. You can either opt for a dedicated web hosting, virtual web hosting or shared web hosting according you need and requirements.

If one opts for the shared web hosting it is more economical because the space at server is shared by multiple users instead of sole user. But the sharing with other parties keeps you at constant security threat. While if you opt for dedicated web hosting you have your own separate space on the separate server that offers you maximum protection and high efficiency.

dedicated web hosting

Dedicated Web Hosting

Some of the advantages that dedicated web hosting offers to its consumers are:

  • The dedicated occupation of space at dedicated server allows you to save your website files, images and databases.
  • The dedicated bandwidth allocated at website allows you to transfer data at optimum level and your website performs efficiently and speedily making you visitors happier as it takes low time in downloading.
  • The ownership of dedicated space on the server allows you to install all the applications you think are necessary to make your work more convenient. It also offers you complete right not to view or share your applications.
  • The dedicated web hosting provides you to control the all features associated with server and its resources from hardware to software whether it is RAM, bandwidth or the disk space you are talking about. If your website is hosted with third part it offers you a control panel to use and control all the resources that are part and parcel of dedicated services you are enjoying.
  • Only the authorized personals have access to your space and website or your webmaster if you have opted for dedicated web hosting. By preventing the data by restricted access you are prohibiting any chances of security threat helping you stay on top of things. It is only you who can modify or change the data on your server.

While everything has positive aspects it never is perfect so like benefits dedicated web hosting also comes with certain drawbacks some of which are highlighted below:

The major problem that all users of dedicated web hosting face is high cost. It is difficult for companies to bear the cost as they are opting for whole set of services committed for their usage only, while that is not the case with shared web hosting whose usability as well as cost both are shared by multiple users which makes it more cost effective.

Other than the cost factor the other drawback is managing of the server by the users which calls for a full time resource with all the gadgets handy and makes it more costly to afford other then the server being managed at the host end. So it’s always a wise decision to opt for the host who is not only providing hosting but also managing the server. It will decrease a lot of burden if not cost.