We currently use mobile phones daily. You could say that our habits have changed and we have come to use the best apps for everything. The wheel also help us, in your own car as if we have to manage a fleet. Want to know what the best ‘apps’ are to save time with the fleet of cars?

The mobile phones and apps have become an extension of our body, that is why, so we use them for everything. Manage the mobile phone at the wheel is prohibited, but we can easily anchor in the dashboard. This way you can enjoy the best apps to drive . But … you need to manage a fleet of vehicles? Here are eight apps to save time with the fleet:


The goal is to save time by managing the fleet , so we have selected eight apps that will help you save time with the fleet. Some are single use, while others are integrated with the systems of fleet management companies to provide more efficiency in the workflow.

1. Review of vehicles is a legislative requirement and a fundamental duty of care process commercial vehicles. AllOnMobile or Caldius VEHub can streamline and simplify the process of inspection of vehicles, reducing paperwork and allowing drivers to report on the status of their vehicles, making safety checks complete and submit inspection reports. Revisions can be programmed.

2. Registration Mileage: They are a significant administrative task for any claims or for management reporting and paying taxes. Apps like WEBFLEET Logbook , help drivers more easily keep an accurate track of their travel from their mobile phone.

3. Fleet Management in Motion: WEBFLEET Mobile offers flexibility to monitor their workforce and access to essential information on their vehicles and workflow, whether in the office, at home or on the road.

4. Service Stations: GasAll or Spain Gas station located the most interest to the driver at all times. They can be sorted by price, fuel or promotions.

5. Parking . The wasted time can be very costly for professional drivers Parkopedia. locates and directs the car parks around the world, providing information on schedules, height restrictions, prices and availability of space in real time Wazypark helps you free sites find no time. E-park acts as a personal parking meter in the mobile and easy parking in blue zone saving time without having to look for a parking meter.

6. Management of “gray” fleets: The fleet management drivers who use their personal vehicles for work can be a real challenge. Toodledo helps managers to maintain the organization and prioritize their responsibilities.

7. Roadside assistance: . The faults can make a significant waste of time RACC Infotransit or Audi Assistance , allow drivers to fleet ask for help from wherever they happen malfunction, automatically transmitting the vehicle location assistance company.

8. Assistance accidents: Traffic accidents can cause great anxiety among drivers. MyFordMobile can be used to ensure that all relevant information is recorded – whether in text, images or audio-format in the crash or on mobile devices.