Facebook immerses himself in the world of virtual reality helmet buying the best known, Oculus rift. How will this affect the social network? On Facebook there seems to be about money and a lot of ambition, because they keep acquiring companies of the most important. After buying Watsapp, now comes the turn of the famous virtual reality headset rift oculus, technology that Facebook plans to expand its horizontal.

The purchase was carried out by 2,000 million of which 400 are paid in cash and the remaining 1,600 shares in the company. A major price the truth, and now the obvious question is what is the objective actual social networking to buy virtual reality technology, and the extent to which the development will change Oculus Rift for this purchase.

According to the official statement from the company said they plan to extend the functionality of Oculus beyond video games, such as communications and entertainment. Marck Zuckerberg himself said: “The phones are the current platform, and we are preparing for the platforms of tomorrow.” This shows as buying Whatsapp was key to dominate the mobile world and as Oculus Rift could be critical in the future.


Now we can all let our imaginations and think that great things could be done by integrating virtual reality into Facebook. Any video with a virtual model of the other person? Browse photo galleries? Like you’re on a guided tour? Possibilities there, but this now looks far away. In the future who knows. And you … you think Rift Oculus is a good purchase for Facebook, or would you prefer your competition?