The technology is fashionable. More than a horse carriage, which takes is one rearview camera, parking sensors, multifunction steering wheel … As standard, these gadgtes that raise the cache of your car can be expensive; but you can mount them at a later time and, above, at lower prices. What? Very simple: by buying them on eBay.

your car

First you and enjoy some time later, they make you earn more money. What? Why? Because today we found looking at eBay are gadgets that raise the ‘cache’ of your car . And there are studies showing that more and more drivers who, when choosing a used car, are willing to pay a little more for a few extra features.

But it happens that, even though many manufacturers be anxious to prove that that ‘technology is nothing rich’, include certain extras before the car leaves the dealer invoice can raise in excess. The solution? Buy the car without them and then install them on your own.

On eBay there are plenty of practical solutions. The offer is so varied that have cost us make a selection. Finally we chose these five gadgtes that raise the cache of your car:

1. Sensor parking.

Before proceeding, answer me one question: how much do you think it can cost a parking sensor for your car? If I tell you on the website of eBay buying and selling can get one, brand new, for less than 50 euros, do you believe me?

Well, believe me. Because there are at that price and even less. These are systems with audio alarms that warn of the proximity of objects. You can also combine it with a rear view camera.

2. DVD.

Unless you have very clear what you want and you can refine and filter search well, it will cost you decide before the huge range of DVD players sold on eBay.

The notebooks have, for use in the car, at home, or wherever you need. In this case, before buying make sure sold with the support, but you’ll have to look on the other side. You can also purchase monitors integrated in the headrests or roof screen (the best option for cars seating seven).

3. MP3 player.

As children spend watching trip on a portable DVD movie you bought them on the website of eBay, you can enjoy the music you like in an MP3 player. Your car does not have? You know that’s not a problem, eBay again and choose the perfect for you.

4. Handsfree.

The law is increasingly strict and rightly so. Because many studies claiming that talking on the phone at the wheel involves much danger. The solution to avoid the fine and the accident happens by mounting a hands-free system. The features and functions, you choose.

5. Multifunction steering wheel.

On eBay you’ll have to search the section ‘driving control interface’. In “Christian” are the cables and controls that turn a conventional one multifunction steering wheel from which you can raise and lower the volume of the radio, handle the functions of the mobile … Mind you, or you’re a little handyman or have to ask a workshop you install it, I’ll advance that is not easy.