Here we go again, we have a new Windows, but doubts are the same as always. Only in this case, besides anxiety to renew the system adds an appeal that Microsoft came late to learn: gratuity. According to the company, 14 million computers have been upgraded to Windows 10 the first day. It is logical. And it is also the first time in a long time, aside Halo video game sales record, that Microsoft may display a figure of this caliber. Lets talk about Five tips before installing Windows 10.

installing windows 10

However, my best advice is not to rush in general with the operating system upgrades, and much less with the new Windows. Why? For as much effort you put a company to debug your software before it on the market, the vast complexity of digital devices and the huge variety of hardware and software in dance becomes the most ambitious community of beta testers in a tiny sample of the total . Put good Creole, this means that Windows 10 (as has happened with all his predecessors) will come out with a few errors and correct things (bugs, in the jargon).

In fact, exactly one month before the big launch on June 29, Microsoft organized a meeting for a handful of journalists, in order to show Windows 10. I did not learn anything new, because we have been testing pre-release versions for quite a time, but I found that even in this delicate instance (compared to journalism), the system showed flaws and inconsistencies here and there. True, he happened to Bill Gates himself during the presentation of Windows 95, almost exactly 20 years ( does, but in this case I felt more fragile.

As an operating system, I liked; at least, I liked it more than 8, and almost as much as XP. And the errors are normal in the versions that are not yet ready for release. But many of these failures continued even up to 48 hours before launch, when the Windows system updates took punches with the Nvidia video cards ( / 28 / windows_10_update_nvidia_driver_conflict /).

As anticipated, only two days of departure to the tennis Windows 10 I started getting inquiries by an error in the installation; we may have advanced greatly in software, but the machines are still as arrogant when something is wrong. “Error 80240020”, he told them before the installer cancel. These are communication skills and no nonsense.

Anyway, I’m afraid that will not be the last to me to translate them this bizarre jargon. For those who are suffering the “Error 80240020”, whatever it is, here are some answers (in English) on the Microsoft Community.

To add nerves, warning that the upgrade was ready to install them came a number of people, but not all, raising doubts and suspicions. It is that when a company says it will deliver a new operating system on July 29, the public wants the July 29, not “in the following days and weeks.” So I was also consulted about it, fearing that maybe they were going to miss the first free Windows history. In fact, and this will be the subject of another note, there is little gift in this move and, on the other hand, Microsoft continues by charging manufacturers and integrator, cost continues moving to the final price of the equipment.

OK, but what I do I upgrade or not?

I think that is the question that I have heard in recent days. My first answer is yes, of course (once more about why it should be updated). But no need to rush. In my experience, it is best to wait a couple of weeks, maybe a month, until Microsoft has processed the huge amount of information about errors that will inevitably be getting, and has published information on how to solve each problem. If you use the machine for work and you do not have a spare car, with more reason.

What I have to do before you install 10? Theoretically, nothing. But I recommend

emphatically to back up personal files and other important material. These updates are generally not problematic (or, if they are, before I let you cancel without computer), but it never hurts to take this collection. We should also create a list of hardware, in case you need to install drivers or something like that. From what I saw so far, the 10 supports what I was 7 and 8, but that list is never over and takes two minutes.

I have Hotmail account, do I need one to install Windows 10?

No, it is not a requirement, but a Microsoft account (formerly Hotmail, now) will give you access to 15 GB of disk space in the cloud (SkyDrive) for storing files and the current configuration of your equipment. I should note that this means making concessions in terms of security and privacy, and in my case the idea that all devices are synchronized does not always serve me. In future notes will have tricks to set this up.