Science fiction has always been on the agenda to present amazing futuristic technology that begin to be a clear reality of our present. In recent years we have made special progress in telecommunications, robotics, electric cars, home automation. Without realizing it, the future has finally come to us.

The geniuses of science fiction have always loved dreaming fantastic future scenarios, full of almost magical tools able to allow their creators to achieve amazing feats. Since early last century people looked and dreamed and filling it in the distant future possibilities of a better life, and even now we do, always looking to the future.

However, over the years we are doing more and more difficult to imagine what the future brings, is that even though we do not all uniformed in white robes and have not got flying cars, many other technologies in the past dream as futuristic and integrated part of our lives, be that in some cases have far exceeded what great fiction writers were able to imagine.



Although we are still far from us to Robina of The Jet sons , robots are a reality. We talk about robots for home, of course, since we know for quite some time and most have their own assembly with mechanical devices that help to get the job done.

We are far to see even complex artificial intelligence Androids make us feel them almost human, as in the novels of Asimov and Philip Dick. However, between robots vacuums and drones that are preparing to take their work to the dispatchers Amazon , we have seen how the artificial intelligence begins to be at the level that we can find in our children, and even Google is being taken very seriously Case of robots.

Home Automation

Historically, looking at the future, we imagined utopia of having an automated home designed for much simpler tasks everyday. Although having a smart home is not available to everyone, with the progress we have seen in recent years that anyone could say the economic resources could have the house of tomorrow today. Particularly this year we saw a great variety of items, ranging from toilets with a full range of multimedia capabilities, even when we know locks off the door and unlock themselves.

Most advances in the area of home automation have taken place around mobile devices, and joint financing, so probably the two main limitations was a terminal from which you control the home and confidence in investors . Solved these problems, the automation will only flourish.

Mobile terminals

This has always been a favorite in video games and movies. Although most of the technologies discussed in this article are usually still have a long way to go before they catch up to the capabilities of his fictional similes, mobile handsets far outweigh dreamers envisioned by science fiction.

Not only organize all aspects of our lives and allow us to communicate in real time in a simple and economical, but also gain access to the greatest source of information known to man (in the style of The Hitchhiker’s Guide) make modern smartphones and tablets met and greatly exceeding their expectations futuristic past decades.

Electric cars and renewable energy

Electric cars and clean sources of electricity have always been those dreams for the future that we are almost finished but never consolidated. The unwillingness of the industry, technical difficulties, and a myriad of other factors have made something that we have been promised since the eighties as a medium term never actually finished materialize.

Eventually, however, companies like Tesla Motors and Solar City begin to make real monumental advances in these two sectors, able to develop the necessary technologies for both photovoltaic and electric cars are more profitable businesses, but are also in free roads make it to the mass market.

Advanced Artificial Intelligence

Perhaps one of the most difficult challenges we face is the development of advanced artificial intelligence. However, progress is remarkable. Since a couple of years IBM announced its intention to use the super computer makes Blue Gene to create a working model of the human brain . Hardly see truly useful advances in the coming years, but at present we already have some artificial intelligence technologies that have left us stunned a couple of decades ago.

Siri is one of the best examples of realistic artificial intelligence. Similarly, on the Internet we can find countless bots designed to trick surfers chat rooms, many of which comply perfectly with its mission, deceiving the unwary. Finally, Kine ct is able to hear the orders we give voice, and also to decipher our gestures to perform actions based on them.