New videos and test that test the Galaxy S5. Battery life, resistance, its sensors and more for you to know the details before departure. Although its output is not yet official, several people have had the opportunity to have an ameliorative S5 Galaxy in your hands. So from the network has undergone curious and interrelates tests demonstrating their resistance to shock and water, your fingerprint reader and battery. Let’s look at each:

Proof of falls:

In this video we can see Smart Tech as the Galaxy S5, with two direct rivals like the HTC One M8 and iPhone 5S, are thrown to the ground from different heights . The idea is that both endure and see which breaks first glass. It is noteworthy here that are all pretty good while the drop is the height of a pocket, but it’s another story from greater heights, watch it yourself: The Galaxy S5 does not go badly (this, at least up to the iPhone 5S), special mention by the way the HTC One M8, but ended up succumbing.


Water Resistance Test:

From Tech Smarty also tested its water resistance, and there is bad. I soaked for an hour in a pool and continued to operate perfectly. Went up to a washing machine, and resisted. Seeing is believing:

Fingerprint Sensor Test:

The fingerprint sensor is one of the novel features of the S5. To test its performance from channel Jailbreak iOS 7.1 compared it against the iPhone 5S sensor. It shows that the sensor of the iPhone is more easy and convenient to use, although both work perfectly and recorded several tracks.

Battery Test:

The battery is usually always the biggest bottleneck on a smartphone because it is difficult to get a day (not to mention if you use it to play). In the case of S5 Galaxy there are good hopes, as they have not told your battery can last 48 hours of “intensive”. From GSMArena have tested talk time, web browsing and video playback. Here are the results.