Surely you ever happened to be with a friend, wanting to pass the photos (or a video) of the party last night, not really knowing how. And of course, with all that has Android you can lose perfectly. Besides, there are several methods, some very easy to use.

1- By Bluetooth:

The classic choice, which we used as mobile last decade. In android you must first activate the bluetooth as follows:

1. Go to “Applications” -> “Settings”
2. Search menu “Wireless & networks”. Make sure the switch “Bluetooth” is “on” (in blue).
3. If you press on “Bluetooth” you will see the advanced settings. It will display the name of your phone, and pressing it will become visible to the rest of the phone for a few minutes (important if you wish to pass a file)
4. In the options you can change the name of the device to recognize it easily. Typically the model number is mobile, so pale something more descriptive.

Well, you have the mobile set. Now you must make sure that the person you want to spend the file also has the Bluetooth on and visible to the rest, as I mentioned in point 3. Now just find a photo (or other file), select the icon of “sharing”. Among all the options should be the Bluetooth. When selected, you must find the motive of the other person and ready, transfer starts (when the other person accepts, of course).

2 With Wi-Fi

An interesting alternative to the bluetooth because it is faster, but requires using a special application.

1. Download the “Fast File Transfer” app from Google Play.
2. When opened for the first time, it will ask the name of your network (it’s a wi-fi network it will create your application for sharing files). You can also put a key.
3. Select the file you want to share and look for the “compartment” option -> “Fast File Transfer”
4. The system creates a wi-fi network with the name you gave it in step 2 Ask the other person to connect to it.
5. The other person has two options. You can pass a web address (an IP) that will figure on the screen of your phone, and when it comes it will begin downloading the file. The other option is that scanned the QR code displayed on the screen of your phone.