Often we do not realize the power of new mobile devices. It has advanced so much in so few years that can be easy to forget that our phones are much more than devices for talks distance. However, new smartphones are so powerful devices as the best computers makes few, very few years. And besides being powerful, they are versatile: let you much more than a phone call. And some of these functionalists go unnoticed for less experienced users or those who have a new smartphone for the first time and before they had a more conventional mobile. Listed below are some of the things you can do with your smartphone to maximize your chances :


Create and edit text documents, spreadsheets : l os smartphones are increasingly larger screens, so much for those who have larger screens and has become fashionable concept phablet (mix of smartphone and tablet). Whatever your smartphone with apps like Quick office free (available for Android and iOS) you can work with your mobile phone as you would with your desktop or laptop, creating office documents or editing them.

Share internet with other devices : a This is also called tethering , and is a very useful feature. Both the iPhone and Android devices is the option Settings. You can turn your phone into a hotspot wi-fi internet to be able to connect other devices you have about having no connection. Once you activate, nearby devices will be yours as a point of connection wi-fi . Sure, it uses your 3G data connection, but comes in handy when you need to navigate the laptop where you have 3G or want a known without internet connection can temporarily connect from your smartphone and tethering.

Play content on other screens wirelessly : e n the iPhone, with Airplay function can share the screen of your smartphone with a HD TV. It’s a great feature to view family photos and home videos, a movie or series and also for work items, since you can share content from office suites. What you see on the screen of the smartphone, while on the screen of your TV.

Take pictures of better quality with the HDR function : what s next-generation smartphones, both iOS and Android, have the ability to take better pictures thanks to the HDR function. The high dynamic range (HDR) is a set of techniques to greatly improve the quality of the different areas of a photo that receive different light intensity, avoiding areas with too many shadows. It is a function that goes very well in taking pictures where there is good light. It is a technique that has years in photography, but it is new to mobile phones, now that the war of megapixels is given by exhausted and the goal is to improve the quality of shooting. How does the HDR function in the new smartphone? HDR captures three images of the same photo that you do once, with different amounts of light, and then mix the three images to save the best final version. The difference is significant, as seen in the image below.

Having a personal assistant: Siri is the iPhone wizard name. It is a virtual assistant that answers questions about the weather or the billboard, but can also act as reminders of appointments or birthdays and do many other tasks. This wizard, although gradually improving since Apple included it in their iPhone, still has much room to be more efficient. And besides, now has stiff competition, both on the same iPhone and Android devices in Google Now service. Google Now shows you information cards without you ask anything, without having to search. Provides weather information, public transport, quotes, the matches of your favorite team, the news that interest you … The reason that Google Now is still quite praised is because it is quite efficient: amazed how it right with the information you need on the cards to show you. Yes, it is more efficient the more access you give your information, something to consider in the privacy of your data. But if you want it to work well, then you must give access to calendar, gmail, and browsing history. The more you learn about yourself, the more hits.