The Aorus X7 has a good aesthetic incorporating unusual things on a gamer laptop as two graphs in parallel and up to 32 GB of RAM. Maybe if you can afford it. It’s amazing how much power can be incorporated into the new notebooks Gamer, putting them almost on par with some desktop computers. The new Gigabyte Aorus x7 is a good example of this.

We are facing a 17-inch laptop with a gamer though not as eye-catching, and we content in thickness and weight (22.9 mm, 2.9kg). Okay, does not have the best materials and can be difficult to bring to the house of a friend, but looking compensate with hardware that shakes some computers desktop.


For starters, a Core i7 quad-core generation, supported by 16 (!) GB of RAM. Sure to be ultra fast disk incorporates SSD 128/256 GB supported by a standard disk up to 1 TB. But the real stars are the two graphics GeForce GTX 765m run in parallel . Yes, two dedicated graphics on a laptop are not common, and return to Aorus X7 one of the most powerful in the market. Needless to say you can with any new game. The only thing I feel is their hangout FULL HD screen.

As especially important details to a gamer laptop special keys are programmable, allowing you to automate some tasks in games. The keyboard is backlit has a good stereo, speakers although somewhat noisy , ventilation. Who would not want one? That itself is very expensive, of 2099 U.S. $ to 2800 U.S. $. Available in the U.S. for this month. Do you think that justifies its hefty cost?