One of the great innovations of the Porsche 911 Carrera that has just unveiled its new Porsche Communication Management (PCM) system with online navigation. The new system is handled similarly to a mobile phone via the seven-inch touch screen and integrates for the first Google Earth and Google Streetview. The system Porsche Communication Management (PCM), recently developed, is part of standard equipment for the 2016 Porsche 911 that has just been introduced by the German manufacturer. This system includes a module for online navigation and voice control.

google earth

The Porsche Communication Management can be handled through the seven-inch touch screen in a similar way as a mobile phone is used. Among other things, users can use the handwriting and smartphones connected via wi-fi. Also, for the first time, it has made ​​a tray for the smartphone in the center armrest, saving battery and optimizes phone reception. Also new is the option of connecting an iPhone to PCM to use the application Apple carplay.

Thanks to traffic information in real time, significantly improves the PCM navigation. The system gives the driver a view of the traffic situation and dynamically adapts the route based on information obtained. Google Earth and Google Streetview are also integrated for the first time for better orientation. Other components of the Porsche Communication Management system are the Porsche Car Connect app and Porsche Connect , which can be used for things like remote control of vehicle functions to transfer the chosen destination to PCM and use the streaming music services offered by third party providers.

But this is not the only novelty in the technology section of the 911 Carrera, which can now be equipped with new and improved assistance systems: the optional automatic speed control can now slow down moderately when the set speed is exceeded, eg when descending a pending. The Adaptive Cruise Control ACC (optional) features in this model with the function of sailing, combined with the PDK transmission: when the car is coasting, the clutch is disengaged, no power is needed and saves fuel. The optional lane change assistant with a radar monitors traffic coming from behind, and uses a LED lights in a triangle located on the left and right exterior mirrors to warn the driver of approaching vehicles in a blind spot. In addition, Porsche increases the active safety of this sport with multi-crash system that comes as standard brakes.