Start in the world of 3D printer is all an adventure, full of possibilities, but it can be confusing. Knowing well the chances of a printer, which model best suits your needs, where to buy them and their practical uses can help you start on the right foot and not take disappointment set. Here our recommendation of the steps you should follow:

1. Find good about 3D printers:

To know you really want a 3D printer must be sure of what they can do and what not, how they work and their advantages. So you start to pass and enthusiasm. have a special section of 3D Printers, and in this handy video will show you how they work while doing a small print.

2. Check the models on the market:

Now that you know you want one, look between the different models on the market. Prices go from € 400 to several thousand, but if it is not or if you need the most expensive. What’s changed between them is the print volume (size of objects that can print) and the quality of the materials from the printer. We have selected the best of the economic:


3. Shopping!

Now it’s time to go to the store and buy a new printer. We have selected several on-line shops Spain to have a good assortment of printers to choose from, and in many cases you submitted free. Some models, for example, can be purchased as a kit (parts) and assembling them yourself, so you save a few euros.

Where to Buy 3D Printers

Do not forget that you need a 3D printing materials. These are usually plastic filaments of different types and textures (some mimic stone or wood for example). It is usually sold in the same online stores where you buy the printer.

What materials using 3D printers?

4. Taking advantage of your new printer

No sooner have the printer you want to have safe walking start with your first creations . There are sites like Shivering where users upload 3D models and you can download the. We have prepared a selection of easy practical things to print:

Common objects that you can print in 3D

Finally there is a very interesting fellow 3D printers: the “3D scanners.” They serve to create a 3D model of an object you have and then replicate it with your printer. There are already several available for sale for a few hundred euros.