The U.S. government warned that hackers are trying to take advantage of network failure to scan vulnerable networks.The Government of the United States on Friday warned that hackers are trying to take advantage of failure ‘Heartbleed’ in attacks on network scan to see if they are vulnerable.

The Executive is asked to give any known related attack ‘Heartbleed’ the Department of Homeland Security, in a website that used to advise operators of key infrastructure on the growing cyber threats . Larry Zelvin, an official of the department who runs a center that monitors and responds to cyber threats, said separately in a blog that the department works with the federal government , state and local to discover and limit any possible threat.


“Although there have been no recorded attacks or malicious this time on this particular vulnerability incidents, it is still possible that there malicious actors in cyberspace that can take advantage of unlatched systems, “Zelvin, director of the National Center for Cyber security and Communications Integration said.

Heartbleed What is wrong?

The widespread failure was released Monday when it was revealed that a gap in an encryption program, present in over 50 percent of Internet servers, known as OpenSSL opened hundreds of thousands of websites to thieves data . The discovery of the so-called vulnerability by researchers from Google and the small security firm Uneconomic Security Department led the U.S. government to warn companies on Tuesday to review their servers to check if they were using vulnerable versions of software known as OpenSSL.

What measures have been taken?

Officials said there are updates available to fix the vulnerability in OpenSSL, which might allow remote attackers to access sensitive data like passwords and secret keys that can decode the traffic on your route online. Computer security experts warned that means victims can not establish whether it has access to your data, which is worrisome because the “worm” has existed for about two years.