Consoles arrive in an assortment of sizes, and generally, a significant number of you would likely be comfortable with the full-sized form that comes packaged with most PCs, and is the thing that you would commonly discover in a PC store or on the web. At that point there are likewise the tenkeyless consoles that a few makers offer that gets rid of the numpad for a littler structure.

Be that as it may if you somehow happened to plunge further into the universe of mechanical consoles, you’ll begin understanding that there are in reality a greater number of sizes accessible out there than you might suspect and that these consoles are likewise presented in various designs. The Happy Hacking Keyboard (HHKB) is one of those that arrives in a littler size as well as in a less traditional format.

Odds are on the off chance that you’ve unearthed this survey, you may have heard or found out about the HHKB (console and additionally format) and need to become familiar with it, and choose if this is the board for you, so read on to discover more.


The HHKB is in no way, shape or form another console. The first console was planned by Professor Eiiti Wada in 1992 who needed to make a console that would be progressively effective at entering directions when utilizing it with a UNIX framework. It additionally observed Wada bring back certain components from the first console format, which put the Control catch in the “first” position which numerous advanced consoles use for Caps Lock.

With Wada cooperating with PFU Limited, the first HHKB was discharged in 1996, with the HHKB Professional 2 (the model at present being explored) discharged in 2006 and keeps on being delivered even until today.

The HHKB design isn’t the main non-traditional format in the console scene today, yet it is one of the more well known ones. Truth be told inside the mechanical console network, there are numerous custom consoles that have embraced the HHKB design.

(Top-Bottom): Full-sized console versus HHKB

As should be obvious in the photograph, the HHKB format isn’t your average design and there are a few keys that are “absent” from standard consoles. This incorporates a devoted capacity push, bolt keys, a numpad, and you’ll additionally see that few of the keys have been moved around. This incorporates the Control catch, the Backspace, and there is likewise the expansion of a “Fn” catch beside the correct Shift catch.

The console itself weighs around 530 grams, making it incredibly light and a perfect console to carry with you in a hurry, on account of its plastic development. Anyway don’t let the utilization of plastic trick you since it feels very solid and there is negligible flex. The console additionally utilizes PBT for its keycaps and a color sub printing process that will guarantee that the legends won’t blur with use after some time.

The utilization of PBT implies that the keycaps feel rougher contrasted with ordinary keycaps which can help with grasp. It likewise implies that after some time the keys won’t build up that “sparkle” that ABS keycaps are known to do. Anyway observe that the edge of the console and spacebar utilizes ABS. This is on the grounds that, amid the cooling procedure, PBT has been known to twist with regards to bigger keys, which is the reason ABS is the more solid alternative for keys like the spacebar.

The link appended to the console is of the little USB assortment and can be expelled, making it a breeze to take with you in a hurry, and supplanting the link in the occasion you need to. I would have favored in the event that it utilized smaller scale USB or even USB-C for futureproofing purposes, yet it is anything but a major ordeal. Besides the console hasn’t been refreshed plan insightful since 2006, so I can’t generally blame them for that.

There are likewise two USB 2.0 ports on the back, in spite of the fact that with a power supply constrained to 100mA there is a point of confinement to what you can do with it.

The console likewise accompanies two or three feet that can be changed in accordance with three diverse stature levels. There are likewise two little elastic feet at the base of the console which completes a fairly not too bad employment at grasping surfaces, would have been exceptional on the off chance that they were greater.

(source: ubergizmo)


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