When you have a big outdoor job to do, a utility task vehicle (UTV) may be just the help mate you need to get it done. UTVs are off- road vehicles with four-wheel drive capable of hauling loads up to 1200 pounds or more. Some familiar names in UTVs include Arctic Cat, Honda, and Polaris. John Deere is usually associated with tractors and lawn care, but the company has manufactured a quality UTV for years. Massimo is a relatively new motor sports company based in Irving, Texas. It’s been manufacturing vehicles and parts since only 2009, but sales are steadily increasing. And move over motorcycles; Kawasaki and Yamaha have their own popular versions of these work reducing vehicles.


What They Can Do

The four-wheel drive on a UTV makes it possible to travel over rough terrain in fields, through woods, and over hills. UTVs offer plenty of room for side by side seating and a cargo area on the rear that hauls the tools you need for your job and then hauls them back out again. There may even be room for treasures you pick up along the way. If you’re hunting, the UTV transports your wild game and saves your back.


Whether you want to beef up your UTV for work, or make it comfortable for play, there are plenty of add-ons for personalizing your UTV just the way you want it. You can shop online at merchants like SideBySideStuff.com for accessories, such as windshields and heaters for comfort or suspension lift kits and winches for work. However you use your UTV the most, before long you’ll have a one of a kind vehicle with all the bells and whistles you want.

UTVs can get to places larger vehicles can’t. They can make it down through narrow paths, cut around trees and shrubs that grow close together, and over hills. Cargo areas allow hauling of heavy loads and the front seat can carry both driver and passenger. Adding features adds to riding comfort and its ability to work. Once you own a UTV, you will wonder how you ever got along without it.