What is Information Technology

It is known as information technology (IT) to the use of technology specifically computers and electronic computers for the management and information processing. specifically the capture, processing, storage, protection and retrieval of data and information The origins of the IT are recent. Although the name information technology dates back to the 70s, its use in business goes back to the mid-twentieth century, during World War II. However, it has been in the past 20 years where he has reached levels of use and applications as varied and ubiquitous, which has become an area of great breadth and impact in all aspects of daily life including management of any company , which today is almost indispensable. Since the emergence of the Internet has massively joined the IT aspect of communication, which is usually referred to an even larger issue known as Information and Communications Technology, or ICT.

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Information Technology Company

The department or team within an organization exercises the functions of IT is responsible for studying, design, develop, deploy and manage information systems used to manage data and information across the organization. These systems, in turn, include applications or software, or hardware and equipment. Carrying out the tasks of the organization relying on information technology generally results in a more rapid and reliable processing of your data. The resulting information has greater mobility and accessibility, and has more integrity, that when processed manually. Similarly, computers relieve employees of numerous repetitive and boring activities, enabling better leverage their time on activities that add more value. As prices fall computer equipment, capacity increases, and become easier to use The TI is used in new and different ways. In business, its applications are varied. Today, most (smaller every day and micro-enterprises) medium and large companies use IT to manage almost every aspect of the business, especially the management of financial and transaction records of organizations, records employees, billing, collections, payments, purchases, and more.