Learn how to protect your applications, photos, music and contacts in this easy guide so you never miss even if you change the phone. Mobiles serve all, so it is not surprising that bring all kinds of important content in it, like apps, photos, contacts and more. If something happens to your phone you could lose everything, being a big hassle. Even if you change the other need a way to pass that data quickly. So we created backup android phone guide where we explain step by step to protect the most important :

Receipt and synchronization settings:

This first step is critical, and very simple:

1. Sign in to Settings -> Copy and Restore
2. Select “Copy Me” and “Automatic restore”
3. Then go back to “Settings” and under “Accounts”, select from Google and then in the section “Synchronization” choose the services you want to sync, such as contacts, calendar and photos.

This will keep your phone in sync with your Google account, and store sensitive data such as keys or Wi-Fi setup application.


Photos and videos

1 Mobile from the computer

You must connect your phone to your computer using a USB cable – Micro USB, and search the storage you use (internal or SD) A folder called DCIM . This saves all your photos and videos, just copy them to a safe place.

2 Automatic backups

One of the benefits of associating a mobile Google account is that you can protect your files on the cloud . For photos and videos do the following:

1. Enter the “Google Plus” application
2. Go to settings and then to “Auto Backup”
3. Activate it at the top. You can choose if you only want to upload the photos when using wi-fi (not to consume the data plan).

Usually, the system creates a backup of your current and new photos you upload. You can see them coming to Google Plus and going to the photo section. Only you can see them.


It all depends on where you save, if you stored on the SD simply make a copy of the files on your computer. In case you use Google Play Music and is protected in the cloud automatically, so do not worry.