Today, new houses have a new method to heat the rooms, have been eliminated old boilers, replaced with technologies that are environmentally friendly, they offer a valuable service and comfortable, we see how to make a district heating system, a distribution system through an underground network to one or more utilities. It can be used in any building, and you can make this happen even to the homes of the old building .

It is usually placed at the edge of urban centers, to be facilitated in connections with multiple agencies, has a minimal environmental impact, the system guarantees the optimization of the combustion process , the supply can be individual or centralized compatible thanks to a network groundwater that comes to buildings. The plant must be performed by qualified personnel, who realized with the directives of the law. I will try to explain the essential points of this system . The plant produces and uses energy and heat of the fuel, the heat is transferred to the fluid, distributes it to the pipeline that will meet with those of its users, the exchange takes place.


Its key feature is in fact a form of district heating produced by a boiler , hot vapors or liquids, distributing them where there is demand, District heating is a public service , is integrated with the aqueducts and power grids, the exchange takes place through a network of pipes under pressure, the tubes are equipped with an alarm system that will signal any faults , this will allow an immediate intervention. It is recommended for the reduction of carbon anhydrous is recognized at European level, mandatory for new buildings, which are located less than a mile from a district heating network is considered one of the most effective, with this new technology, the old methods are been abolished, such as chimneys and boilers.

We will have a big advantage cheap spare bills, will safeguard the environment, we will notice a reduction in CO2 emissions, because we will use a renewable source, we will reduce particulate emissions in the flue gas due to the combustion process. Twice a year is guaranteed checks laid down by national law, the service is available 24 hours on 24 ..