Thanks to the Five Labs, experts from the University of Pennsylvania analyzed the personality test tool than 75,000 users of the social network based on five broad categories. The Internet is new delight Five Labs, a tool created by the start-up Five for determining the main features of the personality of users analyzing how they write and what to post on Facebook.

The tool is based on a study by the University of Pennsylvania. Experts analyzed the choice of words 75,000 Facebook users who voluntarily made ​​public their posts to be studied by researchers. The definition of personality is based on five broad categories: openness, extroversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness and emotional stability. Each is represented by a cloud of words that determine it.


Some associations are obvious, for example, extraverts much mention the word “party.” But the term is also found them “thinking”, which is less obvious to the naked eye. In this order, Shwarts says research has allowed to take them away from simple stereotypes that have marked psychological studies of the personality of the last century.

Five Labs allows you to compare the results with friends and even celebrities. Five co-founder, Nikita Bier told the American newspaper New York Times that, based on the initial responses on Twitter? People seem to have a strong identification with the generated personalities?, And only 10% said they There was an error.

For the sake of privacy

Using the tool can be fun and revealing, but the shaft is to have notion of the magnitude that personality types can have ads for companies. Companies like Facebook, Twitter and Google monitor things are looking, look, write and climbed into their sites and even in others. It’s part of the game where the service is free but is supported with advertising, you want to know what types of ads may be the most persuasive effects. In this sense, Five is committed to the privacy and does not publish data from your Facebook profile or store the information gathered.