One of the biggest problems of modern life is when your phone runs out of memory to download those holiday photos or download a new song. These moments become an authentic task of investigation and elimination that can take a few hours. However, after a few days you will skip the notification again. This usually happens with models with less storage capacity, such as 8 GB and 16 GB iPhone, but you can even go with 64 GB and 128 GB if you use it intensively. That is why in we want to explain how to free memory of the iPhone so that the next time you find yourself in this situation you know some tricks to remove memory from the iPhone quickly.


One of the main fears that we have when facing the liberation of space in our smartphone is to get rid of photos, videos or any important file for us. To avoid this, and to know what to stick to when removing space, it is imperative to know what apps is consuming iPhone storage. Once we know what applications are eaten spaces we can start releasing the memory, knowing which ones we can touch. To know this information we must go to the state of storage of the IPhone following these steps:

Settings> General> Storage and iCloud

When we have already entered, we must click on the option “manage storage”, and there we can find out which applications are taking up more space. Normally we will find that the photos and videos we have recorded ourselves are what occupy more space. But there is a reason and a solution to this problem, and then we will respond.

Disable Live Photos and HDR from Iphone

There is a simple trick to avoid that each photograph and video consumes so much space, a trick that can use all those people who have a 6S or 6S Plus terminal. The case is that the latest versions of the famous Apple device come with two options series activated for the camera. These options are Live Photos and HDR. What happens with these two features is that when we take a picture or record a video the mobile makes 5 copies of that photograph or video , saving it 5 times, which takes up 5 times more space: Save the original HDR version A 3-second video (the Live Photo) and the HDR version of Live Photo.

The result is that every time we take a snapshot our cell phone is reducing its memory. Imagine the amount of space you are losing with each image putting the case that you have made 1,000 pictures something not farfetched. The solution is to disable these options. We can do it directly from the camera, because these options appear among the 5 icons that we observe when we open it. In this way, we can save a lot of space for the future, but this does not mean that from time to time we should go into the photo gallery to get rid of all those photographs that we do not really want.

Clear Safari data

Although it is one of the processes that we must go periodically there are many people who ignore or do not give enough importance to erase the history data and the websites that are accumulating in the Safari, something that can go Consuming storage capacity and that, many times, are useless. This is a very simple just follow the following steps:

Settings> Safari> Clear history and website data

Update iOS version

Periodically, Apple is getting new versions of its operating system that correct bugs and errors that may exist, making the mobile work better and avoiding, among other things, a lot of memory or battery. That is why you should always be the case if there is a new version of the software to update it, yes, you must take into account the model you have and its seniority. This is always a great choice if you have a new terminal or a not very old version, but if you have a very old iPhone may the update requires more than what your mobile can give you, making it work even slower. Checking for updates are very easy simply follows these steps:

Settings> General> Software Update

As we use them, the applications keep images, information and technical details that allow us to use them when we do not have to load them constantly, which streamlines their operation. The flip side of the coin is that information takes up space in the storage of our memory. Unlike Android, which allows much more freedom to the user in these aspects, on iPhone there is no option to clear the cache of most applications.

One of the options available is to remove these applications and reinstall them, so that your cache will restart and you have released all the space they occupied so far. Usually, Facebook is the applications that occupy more space, both the application itself and its cache, so you can start with it by going to:

Settings> General> Storage and iCloud> Manage storage

Delete Podcasts

Communication channels have reinvented themselves, and radio is no exception. In recent times podcasts have been booming, a way to enjoy any program at any time, although when they give live we have other things to do. The fact is that many people are subscribed to different podcasts and once listened to they forget to remove them from the mobile, so that they accumulate an enormous amount of hours of audio that have already been listened to and that you do not need. To prevent this from happening there is a way for these to be deleted automatically once you have heard them and so you do not have to go erasing them every time you hear one:

Settings> Podcasts> Delete played

Trick to free space on the iphone

In addition to everything, we have explained so far, there is an incredible trick with which you can free up space on the iPhone quickly and easily, without having to spend time uninstalling or filtering photos. For this, you have to go to iTunes and look for a very long movie and occupy a lot of storage. The Awakening of Strength (6.53 GB) is two good choices. The fact is that the movie has to take up more space than the one you have available on the iPhone.